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Viral molecular Biology

Our group is responsible for diagnosing and the biological, serological and molecular characterisation of phytopathogenous viruses in IBUN. The group has carried out research into citric fruit for detecting and characterising the citrus tristeza virus (CTV). The group has recently adapted serological and/or molecular detection techniques for PVYY, PVX, PVY, PVS and PLRV viruses in potato crops and has developed YMV and YMMV virus detection for yam crops (Dioscorea spp), supported by the agricultural biotechnology programme. We are also able to adapt serological and/or molecular techniques for detecting other pathogens such as viroids and fungi, these being important for ornamental plant crops and/or other crops having nutritional interest. The group is currently providing extension services concerning training in specific diagnostic techniques such as serological, immunoprinting and ELISA techniques, and those derived from amplifying genes by RT-PCR and IC-RT-PCR.



We diagnose and characterise viruses and other pathogens infecting important commercial and ornamental crops for Colombia. Our research results have led to knowing potentially useful strains or genes for being used in control mechanisms.



Consolidating research lines concerning the molecular biology of the citric tristeza virus (CTV) and producing viral infection-resistant transgenic potato plants, supported by Colciencias and international cooperation from the University of Florida and the Scottish Crop Research Institute (SCRI).
Fostering new human resources at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.
Being one of the supports for the successful initiation of the Faculty of Medicine’s MSc Biochemistry and Physiology programmes and (by directing postgraduate theses) contributing our research ability towards developing Microbiology and Phytopathology programmes.



IBUN coordinator/Teacher
María Mónica Guzmán Barney MSc. PhD.

Postgraduate students
Patricia Andrea Rodríguez Burgos MSc. cPhD.
Julián Martínez Henao Esp.

Undergraduate student
Verónica Román

Karen Cubillos Bac.
Angie Hernández Biol.



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