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Biological and
biomimetic reagents

We are an interdisciplinary team formed by teachers and students from the medical, dental, scientific, engineering and veterinary areas using research for producing therapeutic alternatives for replacing skin, mucosa, bone and dental tissue. We thus use SPF quality cells and experimental animals (in line with international standards for biomedical research). We also promote systematic reflection about the conflicts which arise between science, technology and ethical values.

We promote developing biological and biomedical research handling biological reagents and producing products and services in line with a reference of quality and excellence thereby promoting inter-institutional, inter-sector, inter-generational and international action in teaching, research, management, administration and services. Our group’s vision is to form a reference centre for managing quality animal models, thus validating biological and biomedical research results derived from using them and being a centre for producing tissue equivalents.

  • Our group has contributed towards developing biological and biomedical research in Colombia through producing high-quality products and services having social and economic impact and was awarded the Colombian Sanofi Aventis medicine prize, 2004.
  • We have made a great impact by designing, setting up and bringing into operation of an SPF room for biomedical research.

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